These background resources are chosen because they are relevant to local issues, solving problems, human nature and creating a positive culture. They are meant to prompt some self-reflection in the immediate decision making processes and to give perspective to the part St. Helena plays, and can play in the future, in the larger goal of building a better national society. We all live in it and what happens here can provide a model and give us assurance that we and future generations will want to live in it.Have/Have Nots

Social Equity Library

  1. Poverty in America is Mainstream by Mark Rank, NYT Great Divide Series
  2. Halve the Gap, re: the disconnection of a generation of youth in the Bay Area.
  3. Inequality For All, Robert Reich Q & A from the film
  4. War on the Poor, by Paul Krugman
  5. Avoiding Group Think
  6. Insights Into Aging
  7. Measure of America
  8. See No Evil
  9. Social Equity Table
  10. Why Inequality
  11. Why Silence Prevails
  12. Community Indicators of Government Performance
  13. Final General Plan Update Citizen Survey Results
  14. America's Sinking Middle Class
  15. Wealth Inequality in America We all know there is a growing stratification between upper and lower classes but this animated graph illustrates the difference between what we think that gap is and what the actual numbers are. As a country, we are therefore becoming less and less functional.
  16. Measuring Poverty. 2014 report from the Public Policy Institute of California

Planning Resources Library

  1. This is Smart Growth
  2. This is Smart Growth - Spanish
  3. Rural Smart Growth
  4. Rural Strategy
  5. Challenges to Rural Smart Growth
  6. Growth and Water
  7. Branding and Marketing Smart Growth Communities
  8. Developer Investments in Infill
  9. Federal Resources for Rural Communities
  10. Guidelines for Sustainable Development
  11. Pedestrian and Transit for Smart Growth
  12. Why Housing?
  13. Budget Planning With Citizens
  14. Hans Rosling's Ted Talk: Don't Panic, about the population and growth in the world. Hans Rosling runs GapMinder in Sweden which publishes statistical truth.


  1. Map of St. Helena
  2. 1993 Housing map
  3. Road Extension GP Map
  4. Hunter Project map
  5. Hunter project Controversy
  6. Zoning Map
  7. Flood Project images and info
  8. Levee Map
  9. Drought Impact Map